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Thread: Archer nightvision

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    Archer nightvision

    Has anyone else had trouble fitting the archer to a cz rifle? The bolt seems to catch the archer fitting so I can't open the bolt when it is fitted? Any suggestions on how to get around this would be great??


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    If it's just catching the lug that holds the screw which clamps the bayonet housing to the ocular lens then you will need to move the housing round. If it is catching on the housing itself I have no idea what the solution may be! I've fitted Archers to a variety of rifles including CZs and they all worked fine.

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    Do you mind me asking what mounts you used? I have warne medium mounts at the moment and its on a cz .222 but it needs a few more mm for the bolt to clear the bracket. It catches the whole bracket.


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    Had same problem on my cz 17hornet with high mounts ,so got a rail from opticswarehouse ,sorted.

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    Il cool il get a rail and try that.

    many thanks

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