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Thread: Housing shortage & Deer Habitat

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    Housing shortage & Deer Habitat

    New figures released today state that there`s a need for a million new homes to be built by 2020.
    It`s not a nice sight seeing Deer/wildlife habitat destroyed. But what alternative is there?
    Im slowly watching the build of 170 houses on a piece of land which is populated by Deer and has been for the last 25 years or so.
    Not to mention the Lizard habitat. A new word for Newt as it was explained to me. Only its a whole new level using the latter.

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    Thats a crying shame TBH

    Its going to become an increasingly common sight though, because the simple fact is that we need more affordable housing and while there are land owners willing to sell to developers (especially as they tend to offer pretty amazing sums to ensure the deal goes through) we'll see more and more natural habitat being swallowed up like this.

    I was heartened to see (a few months back now) that a farmer in Sussex I think it was, was offered 10x the going rate for his land by a developer! They offered to pay him 275m and the farmer told them to jog on!

    Twineham farmer explains £275million land sale refusal - West Sussex County Times

    This is why my sister is up in Scotland, she just loves all the wildlife and wide open spaces, and I must admit the older I get the more I agree with her!

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    And yet there are literally thousands of vacant houses / buildings wanting for someone to do them up , so
    E of the horror story's with these quick rattle them up Lego houses is unbelievable


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    I'm not quite sure what affordable housing is, surely it is only affordable for those that can afford it?

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    Maybe we should consider restricting second home ownership, a new model of joint ownership, and a state rental market where the state builds houses and Housing Associations lease them to families at 'affordable' rents close to and above the capital recovery costs for the building over 25 years. Maybe we should consider all empty or delapidated buildings should be available for purchase by Housing Associations with surplus funds from renting.
    Failing that, guarantee any philanthropic investors in public housing a knighthood and tea with Mr Corbyn ?

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    Bizarrely the government runs a scheme to assist first time buyers by effectively lending you a percentage of the property price so that your mortgage is smaller and a smaller deposit is required. Looks great, but it only applies on new builds.
    There are houses for sale in the village and surrounding areas which have been for a long time, and now a developer has bought up some land on the outskirts. The existing housing will be unaffordable to first time buyers, but with the Help to Buy scheme the new houses will be. Ridiculous.
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    Ah yes - the second homes in quaint little villages owned by the rich and only occupied on the odd occasion so that local people can no longer afford to live where they grew up!
    It is also very wrong that 'Green Field' sites are built on when there are so many 'Brown Field' sites available! There are disused military sites large enough for entire towns. I also know of several 'Listed buildings which have been left to crumble as the restrictions on refurbishing them make it not economically viable.
    Building new on green fields is a cheaper and easier option with nice views of the countryside which sells houses maybe?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monkey Spanker View Post
    Ah yes - the second homes in quaint little villages owned by the rich and only occupied on the odd occasion so that local people can no longer afford to live where they grew up!
    In all fairness the Isle of Wight's economy would sink without trace if it wasn't for the substantial financial input of second home owners from London, the real answer for young people in particular is to get qualified for well paid city jobs and move back to a rural area when funds permit.

    atb Tim

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    Interesting to see that Cornwall is not the only place that suffers badly from this,our own prince is in the process of burying a dairy farm under houses non of which will be affordable to the young people in our area and I've heard talk that they are for overspill from the cities so they can get rid of their problems down here.

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    our house is on a brownfield site ,and they demolished the factory next door for more makes total sense ,roads already in place,gas /water/electric already in minimum disruption to the area and eyesores become family homes with incredibly small gardens and no fields get lost .
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