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Thread: home insurance & firearms

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    home insurance & firearms

    I'm about to start looking at changing my home insurance as I've just been allowed to work from home. It occurred to me that I didn't check my home insurance when I got all my firearms to ensure that they are covered whilst in the home....

    What do others do about ther home insurance? Do you list your rifles specifically, or do you hope that they are covered under the general insurance? None of my rifles are particularly expensive in their component parts, but as an 'assembled whole' (rifle, scope, mod, bipod) they all come out over 1500 each (new/replacement cost)...

    I have insurance with BASC, but as far as I am aware, that just covers me while I am actually out shooting or in transit...

    Would be interesting to hear others' experiences, before I make a huge mistake and find that they are not covered!


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    Simple one this Pippa, speak to the NFU. They have regional offices not poxy call centres. Firearms are either covered under normal contents or as sports equipment plus they understand firearms and don't get in a flap and think your a gangster or hitman. They shouldn't have any problem with working from home, use of a proportion of your home as an office etc as thats what most farmers do. I've got my dog on my home insurance too. I've had two claims since i've been with them, both handled brilliantly. Can't praise NFU enough. If you go with them tell them I want a commission! JC

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    Hi Pippa, try the NFU. I insure through my local office and have always found them helpful...and the calls aren't put through to Mumbai either!
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    Another vote for NFU. Flexible and understanding - and reasonable too.
    KevinF -

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    Seems very clear-cut... NFU it is! I'll give them a call in the morning...

    Cheers chaps!

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    All my shotguns and firearms are covered under my household insurance. They are all ' specified items' and have the value stated agaisnt them.
    It has come in handy in the past with a shotgun
    It also covers them whilst inside and outside the house i.e shooting/stalking

    think it's through AVIVA? used to be Norwhich union


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    We are with sainsburys insureance and they cover firearms. i specifically phoned them about this and asked them the question. They said that as long as the items INDIVIDUALLY cost less than 1500 each then they were covered, anything above that would have to be a specified item. I asked as as a package they are worth in excess of the 1500 limit, separatly they are under.

    I have just made sure that i have listed the make, model, serial number (if present) etc of each item and saved that on computer along with photos of each as proof.....along with a recipt if i have it.

    Simple...they were the cheapest provider for us and everything is covered, in the home, and away from home.#


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    Some do, some don't - just a case of ringing around. Generally the ones who do cover them under a "sports equipment" section and you're covered the same as any other item on your policy. They only have to be specifically listed if they exceed the single item threshold (mine's 1,500 - but as you'd buy a rifle, scope, mod, rings etc seperately then it's only usually the rifle that you need consider). I shall be trying NFU next time around for mine though

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    +1 for NFU
    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Got them covered under normal house contents, specified items. Never been queried. I've only ever tried NFU for car insurance - they weren't remotely competitive!


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