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Thread: Choice of brass (for 7x57)

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    Choice of brass (for 7x57)

    I am about to start re-loading for my 7x57. Brass is available from Norma, Remington and Nosler. Lapua does not produce brass for 7x57. I am not sure if Hornady brass is available in 7x57.

    I would be interested to hear your views about how the available brass compares.


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    norma only one to drill flash holes and I get 8+ reloads out of them for mine

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    All these brands below produce ammunition and brass for the 7x57 Mauser.
    I just loaded some Norma this weekend for my 7x57R, and am shooting some Hornady 162-gr ammo today, so I will have brass. I will measure the water volume to update this.

    Hornady offers 139-gr loads at 2,650 fps and Superperformance at 2,820 fps.

    In April 2008 Handloader, 7x57 brass was compared:

    Federal 190.0gr with water capacity of 56.5
    Remington 190.7 57.2 water capacity 57.2
    Winchester 168.3 water capacity 59.5
    Prvi Partizan

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    I use Sellier & Bellot brass for my 7x57R and it's fine, as well as cheap. Not yet sure how it holds up when it comes to multiple reloads though, but then I don't use many.

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    Hornady also do brass that is head stamped 275 Rigby as well as 7x57.

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    I use mostly nosler brass, if I can find it. Its fully prepped, and I havent had any complaints.

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