I was given a free copy of the Shooting Times at the Midland. First time I have read it in a long while but 'waste - not----etc'
I was very surprised indeed at the articles on the LAG and rather more impressed with the CLA response of 'Why does the LAG even exist'.
The attempt at a 'jokey' response from BASC was - well you read it and judge, it was entitled 'LAG - lite is a "busted flush" ' - not exactly the most intelligent response I suggest and one I would find it hard to say was adequate
As for the Swift article 'Lead: dead in a decade?' the man is unfit to make a decision on which socks to put on. I doubt this is a recent failing and wonder what other 'bombs' may yet be in his retirement luggage. Did no-one close to him see this coming? His arrogance evident in his own article is juxtaposed with his intention to continue to use lead - not the actions of a man who believes in and wails about brain damage to children from eating game, whilst breaking every confidentiality he was charged with when BASC CEO.
I had wanted never to hear anything more about this subject but a few people, one in particular, detected something amiss a number of years ago and was vilified for his less than erudite criticisms. Shame no-one else in a position to draw this farce to a close earlier had the same misgivings.
Who you know not what you know?