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Thread: Sauer 202 outback.

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    Sauer 202 outback.

    Hi has anyone had any problems with the alloy receiver on a sauer 202 outback as apposed to steel.????

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    I've got one, the only problem was the screws holding the scope mounts on came loose and damaged the thread, easily remedied with longer screws and loctite. I think the original screws were too short the new ones are slightly longer. Hasn't lost zero since.

    Was going to get them helicoiled, but gunsmith convinced me it didn't need it and I guess he was right!


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    Yes had the usual problem with the scope mounts. Drilled out re-tapped and put in solid thread inserts as opposed to wire heli-coils.
    Put them on and off a few times with no problems.

    Got another Outback that has the moulded in bases, which alleviates the thread issue!

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    No problems with mine.

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    It is no different than the SHR 970, which was made by Sauer and has an aluminum receiver.
    I never heard of anyone having problems with the .30-06, 7mm Rem Mag, .300 Win Mag or 9.3x62mm.

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