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    Photon xt

    Can anyone tell me what the new photon xt is like to use in daylight please.

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    I saw a couple of videos on FB yesterday and considering the price of the unit and that it is clearly a night scope with an added day function its not that bad. Granted it isn't great in the day light but then it only costs 400 and for that price it is a great night scope.

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    I've got the Photon XT 4.6X42 and it isn't that great in the daylight. Don't get me wrong, as a night tool, for the price, it's good. But daytime vision isn't ideal. The first thing after mounting it on your rifle of choice is to zero it. Obviously zeroing at night is a nightmare but zeroing in the day is, um, a daymare. You get white-out as you look at the target, especially if it's lighter than the surroundings. The amount of (digital) reticule adjustment might not be enough and you then have to think about adjusting the mounts. So not ideal.

    In the end, the best way to look at it is as a night vision scope with the option of using it at a push in daylight on the odd occasion. If you want a scope so you can use your rifle well day and night, this isn't really it. Use it a lot in the day and you'll be screaming to put a day scope back on and go back to the odd foray with a lamp. So although the day capability is present, the Photon is best seen as a night time tool.

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    Get yourself two sets of Warne QD rings. Set both your Photon and day scope up and you are laughing.

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    It's more a night time or dusk scope

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    Jet to add, I've got one now and during zeroing I shot a .75 moa group at 100m in the daylight with it. Seeing and shooting rabbits in the daytime at that distance would be a mission but at night is where is shines (excuse the pun)

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