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Thread: bushnell elite 2.51650

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    bushnell elite 2.51650

    Hi anyone here use one of these scopes what they like at dusk and dawn,what they like at high mag.

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    I have shot one on a friend's rifle, and I think it is as good as any Nightforce or German glass.
    The reticle is very sharp, fine enough for precision aiming, yet visible enough in dim light, some of that due to the brightness and resolution of the lenses. I was able to shoot small groups at 300 yards a half hour after the sun had totally disappeared behind the trees.

    Nobs are very good on these scopes, but a bit large for me, for real tactical or hunting. They are the best for gloves I have ever used ( same as on the 10x40mm Mil Dot which the military uses ).

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    I use a 44mm version and find it very good - even at higher magnification.
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    regarding the plex ret is it a fine ret,which of the rets is best the md or plex

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobby18 View Post
    regarding the plex ret is it a fine ret,which of the rets is best the md or plex
    There is no easy answer to that. It depends on your intended targets and hunting, the time of day and light, and whether you use a scope with the reticle in the first focal plane or the second focal plane.

    My glib answer, for myself, is that I would want a reticle thick towards the middle to get on target quickly for hunting, and a narrow crosshair that was fine enough for precision, but still visible in dim light. That is a tall order; on a top scope, for my eyes, that means no finer than 1/4 MOA width at 100 yards in the middle, and 1 MOA on the thicker horizontal and vertical lines, or mil dots.

    But YOU need to SHOOT through various reticles in both focal planes at large and small targets, at various ranges, in various light, in order to know what you prefer... before you buy. Get down to the range and have a look at the setups of others.

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