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Thread: lovex powder for ruger 204

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    lovex powder for ruger 204

    Hi all sorry if this is going over old ground but I am trying to load lovex powder for my 204 but cant find any data has anyone loaded 204 with lovex powder and if so how did you get on and what was your start and max load .there are several different powders which one did you use and would you recommend it .to try it in several different calibers I bought so65.1 and had great results with my 6.5x55 getting .6 inch at 100 yds I also bought do73.5 and so62 .SHOOTING THE 6.5X55 for the first time I decided once I got my load sorted 38.6grains to try seating the bullet head at different lengths ,I tried 4 different seating depths the first two shot 1 inch at 100 the third .6 three bullets touching and the last 1 inch going to try this with the 204 once I get some data. I hope you can help .

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