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Thread: That's my deer!!!!!!!

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    That's my deer!!!!!!!

    Place: Pacific Northwest, USA

    It's the first day of Buck Season and this woman hunter (Stalker)is out trying to get one for her larder. She steps over a knoll and there standing broadside is a nice four point buck; unaware she is there. She takes careful aim and squeezes the trigger. BANG!! The buck goes down. She ties her deer tag on the horns and proceeds to cut it's throat. Unfortunately, her shot was not where she wanted it to be and she had only knocked the buck out. As she was about to cut it's throat, the deer jumps up and starts running down the hill; with the woman in hot pursuit. The buck gets about two hundred yards and another hunter shoots the deer dead. He cuts it's throat and starts to tie his tag to it when the woman comes running up yelling, "That's my deer, that's my deer!!!!" The man, who killed the deer, checks the woman's license against the number on the tag, and, shocked, said, "Lady if you can run fast enough to tag this deer, you can have it."

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    What about the guy that was always being pestered by his wife to go with him.
    She kept on and on until in the end he gave in and took her.
    He placed her in a high seat with a clear view of a ride/clearing and told her only to shoot in that direction.
    He then went away and left her but as he was walking to his position he heard a bang and a hoop and holler.
    Wow he thought, she's got one already, so he returns.
    As he is approaching he hears a lot of shouting and a voice he doesn't recognise so he stops and listens.
    He hears his wife say " that is definitely mine and you are not having it"
    Then he hears the voice he doesn't recognise say " I can't argue with you any more but at least let me take the saddle off"

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