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Thread: Sauer 202 Classic in 6.5x55SE with Zeiss scope and 3rd Eye Tactical mod.

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    Sauer 202 Classic in 6.5x55SE with Zeiss scope and 3rd Eye Tactical mod.

    Hi everybody.

    I am selling my complete rifle here as I am looking to move to a straight pull Blaser or Merkel. I am not looking to sell items separately and I will consider sensible offers. Any questions, let me know.

    Rifle: Sauer 202 Classic (wooden stock)
    Calibre: 6.5x55SE
    Scope: Zeiss Duralyt 3-12x50 (Reticule 06)
    Mounts: Apel Swing-off
    Moderator: Third Eye Tactical Spartan (over barrel)
    Trigger: Set trigger and adjustable trigger

    Open sights, owner's manual, dismantling tools, abs case, alloy bore guide and moderator spanner all included.

    I bought this rifle from Osprey Rifles in 2013. It was owner's Stuart Anselm own rifle at the time. He told me he had shot less than 100 rounds through it and the condition confirmed that. I have since shot around the same amount through it.

    Sauer are renowned for their quality and precision engineering. This rifle won't disappoint, being accurate and bombproof. I will be sad to see it go but I don't have the mean to amass a collection of rifles so it has to make way for a new arrival. The Apel mounts alone are worth over 300, the scope 500 and the moderator 250.

    I am looking for 2100 for the rifle but will entertain sensible offers. Any questions, let me know. Thanks.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails DSC_0859.jpg   DSC_0861.jpg   DSC_0864.jpg   DSC_0863.jpg   DSC_0870.jpg  

    DSC_0871.jpg   DSC_0872.jpg   DSC_0874.jpg   DSC_0875.jpg   DSC_0876.jpg  

    DSC_0877.jpg   DSC_0878.jpg   ATT_1433258835078_IMAG0432.jpg   IMAG0053.jpg   IMAG0036.jpg  

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    Put it on Guntrader and ShootingUK for 2000 ono so already 100 off in only 24 hours!

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    Also substantial amount of ammo to go with it, including 20 Nosler Ballistic Tip 124 grain, 20 Federal 140 grain, 60 Geko 156 grain (current round), loads of brass and some miscellaneous to use after cleaning the barrel for that fouling shot.

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    Want to sell the scope seperatly?

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    Sorry no, I have people interested in the whole package at the moment. If that changes I'll post it here. Thanks.

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    ***Update*** I have found the original manufacture note from the factory and it is actually listed as a 'Select' model, not a 'Classic'. I believe the difference only is in the wood.

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