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Thread: Galloway Reds

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    Galloway Reds

    Has anyone got any pics of reds they have shot in Galloway as curious to see the size of these beasts.


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    Shot my 1st this year. Supposedly only a mid sized beast but it took 2 of us about 6 hrs to drag it off the hill!

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    Hi Foxy

    I shot a super 11 pointer in 2004 but the pics are conventional 35mil (not sure if that is the correct term).

    I will see if I can upload them over the weekend.

    He had a terrific mane which I think is indicative of the Galloway bloodline.

    I stalked up a ride and caught him asleep and could only see his antlers dipping as he nodded off. I watched him for almost an hour (only 60 yards away).

    The wind was swirling and I knew it was only a matter of time before he was going to go.

    He caught my wind and stood bolt upright and I also knew I had a second or maybe 3 before he was off.

    Just sent one with my .308 (150 grn BT at just under 3 thou) and the rest is history.

    Super super trophy. My only regret is that I didn't have him shoulder mounted (the moral here is always always cape out if in doubt (stick it in the freezer and make your mind up at leisure). Never mind i now know.

    As I say will endeavor to post pics over the weekend as will need to scan them in.

    Watch this space!

    Good hunting


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    Scotsgun forgot to mention i had to drive back for the Quad, The best Reds you will see come from Galloway. I hope we continue to respect them.


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    To answer your original question I am not sure on dressed out weight or otherwise. Thankfully the drag was downhill. Into the back of the A6 and driving down to Cheshire with some weird looks from people when we encountered traffic around Blackpool

    Not as heavy as some of the woodland reds I have shot on Islay but the mane was outstanding which is why I should have had a shoulder mount!



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    The FC have got them on mass cull at the moment and have even continued the cull till the end of MAY. Looks like they will be thin on the ground. I shot one not quite galloway but just on the Ayrshire border he was 330 pounds and had only 6 points just a baby sorry foxy no pictures. PS NOT MY CUP OF TEA THE BIG REDS YOU NEED TO BE WELL KITTED UP FOR THEM AND IN THE CORRECT SPOT BEFORE YOU PULL THE TRIGGER.
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    Sorry about the pictures being upside down but this was my first try will do better next time. This was shot about ten years ago at Forest Estateits a eight pointer and weighed about 25 stones I am six feet tall so it gives you an idea of scale

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    Quote Originally Posted by dalkur View Post
    Scotsgun forgot to mention i had to drive back for the Quad, The best Reds you will see come from Galloway. I hope we continue to respect them.



    You big tart!

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    Here's a few from last year cheers Neil [IMGhttp://
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    No photos sorry but, having stalked most of the Islands and Argyll the biggest beasts I have seen and shot were from my native Galloway. I guess this is as they are, with few exceptions entirely woodland beasts, the biggest amongst them not suprisingly being those with access to grazing pasture (usually at night!) On my ground mature stags regularly topping out at over 23 stone with a slight decrease in weights over the past 7 years due to Sika hybridisation.

    As someone mentioned earlier they need a different approach to most reds; my .243 and quad is swapped for a .308 and John Deer Gator! A dog is an essential as the Sikta Spruce gives zero visibilty from 5 to 25 years!

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