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Thread: Shot guns and rifles for sale

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    Shot guns and rifles for sale

    have been approached by my Ex shooting partner Peter Cann (BULLDOG)'s wife , some may remember he was lad that past over in March she has requested I help sell his shotguns and rifles off.
    .243 Remington blue, floor plate hogue stock bolt knob job . rings t8 mod
    .22 cv style ss and 10 shot mag
    .17hmr blue

    hatsan 3 shot 12g
    now have pix please send me a email or mob and I can send you them.

    the .22 ss is very nice .
    the 243 still shoots well but as been in storage needs a bit of TLC .maybe a paint job or a build base .
    the 17hmr same as above this also has had the stock repaired but this do's not stop it still being on the button .

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    Have you got prices for these?

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    yes feller but google has not backed them up ? so I can send them from my mob if you wish send me a pm with what one you are thinking of and ill send them asap
    UP DATE.
    .243 rem 300 inc mod and rings
    .22 cz 452 2e zkm ss 350 inc mod, mag
    .17 hmr 350 inc mod ,mag due to slight damage as said
    escort 3 shot 275 inc chokes etc that came with it . think it may be the 3" as it was his wildfowl gun .
    thanks for looking all plus rfd or collect f2f at rfd southend on sea.

    on the lower thumbnail you can see the stud has been moved back on the hmr this was done by adding the long bolt type due to sling stud snapping out in one of the pix this can be seen it is far stronger that the factory fitted type.

    Attachment 61419Attachment 61418Attachment 61417Attachment 61416Attachment 61415Attachment 61414Attachment 61413Attachment 61412Attachment 61420Attachment 61411Attachment 61410Attachment 61409
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    Bump no one need a new used toy ?

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