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Thread: Zeiss victory varipoint ic 3-12x56

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    Zeiss victory varipoint ic 3-12x56

    The Victory Varipoint models provide bright, high-resolution images and are suitable for universal use, as the illuminated dot works perfectly in daylight. With this, ZEISS has created a successful high-performance riflescope, and one which sets a whole new standard. This riflescope is suitable for universal hunting applications as it can be used by day for stand hunting or on driven hunts and also in the last of the twilight - all because of the high levels of transmission of over 90% and the first illuminated dot on the market that is also suitable for daylight use. However, it also offers several other innovative features: unique reticle concepts such as the Reticle 0 or the innovative Illumination Control. The Reticle 0 has been perfected to give a maximum overview on driven hunts, as it only has an illuminated dot, which stays lit up by day. This means that the Reticle 0, which has been reduced to the bright, illuminated dot, guarantees you a clear view of all game and supports quick, secure shooting. The Illumination Control makes it quick and easy to control the illuminated dot in combination with your Blaser rifle: when you cock your Blaser R 93 or R 8, a sensor in the eyepiece turns the illuminated reticle on and off in an instant. In this way the Victory Varipoint continues to set standards in practical hunting. Standards that only Carl Zeiss itself can ever exceed.
    Great condition rail mounted scope s price 1200
    Pm me if your interested
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    Shame about the rail mount.....

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    Is this compatible with rifles other than Blaser?

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    No only with Blaser and bolt must be upgraded to IC

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    Quote Originally Posted by artur View Post
    No only with Blaser and bolt must be upgraded to IC

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    Is the scope still for sale?

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