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Thread: Mec sizemaster shotshell loading press for salmon fly rod

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    Mec sizemaster shotshell loading press for salmon fly rod

    As above i have an mec sizemaster shotshell reloading press with both 12 and 20 gauge dies and accessories it has auto primer feed and a reloading book and charts for the universal chargebar,also has the original standard chargebar,reloads cartridges up to 3 inches.there are some cases and wads and a tub of powder and some shot the powder will only be available if collected in person .please refer to mec website or clay and game for details ,would like to swap for a quality salmon rod between 15 and sixteen foot sage z axis in 15 or16 ,sage graphite 1v in 16 ,loop lst or something along these lines i have smaller rods up to 14 so nothing below fifteen thanks.regards DAVE PS PM PLEASE AS I GET MESSAGE STRAIGHT AWAY ON PHONE THANKS
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    Still looking for a swap on the loading gear for a salmon rod ,sorry nothing under 15 foot pm please

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    Still looking its end of salmon season maybe someone has something now looking preferably for a fast action shooting head rod will now consider rods between fourteen and fifteen ft six cheers Dave

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    Im sorted with a rod now so the reloading gear is for sale cost new for press extra die powder manual powder cases wads universal charge bar extra die etc is around 450 to 500 the press alone is 255 from clay and game where it can all be viewed i am looking for somewhere near what i payed which is 240 delivered to your door,i bought it on a whim to reload 20 bore subsonic for my hushpower but i just dont have the time or inclination what with stalking fishing rough shooting fly tying and bullet making and dogs i just cant muster the enthusiasm although its really simple il try it here a while if no joy its gun trader or ebay im open to realistic offers but im not giving it away thanks Dave pms please if your interested i get msg on my phone straight away

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