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Thread: Remington 700 Short Action

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    Remington 700 Short Action

    I have for sale a blued Remington 700 short action which is about to be taken off a rifle I have owned the action for a while. It is a 'C' prefix which is reputedly one of the better actions made by Remington. The bolt is fluted and fitted with a tactical bolt handle there is also a Third Eye Tactical picatinny rail fitted, again is great condition. The bluing is first class and the action is as it should be in every way, its currently fitted to a very accuse rifle I have decided to break.

    Im looking for 450 posted.

    I also have a Jewell HVR trigger which goes with this action 200

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    Sorry, forgot to mention it is a 22/250, 243, 308 type bolt face so suitable for a custom 6mmBR, 6mm Dasher, 6XC or one of the traditional calibers already mentioned.

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    I have decided not to break the rifle as it shoots so well so Im afraid this item is no longer for sale.

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