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Thread: swarovski 2.5 15 56 z61 bt

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    swarovski 2.5 15 56 z61 bt

    Hi anyone seen or heard of this with swarovski scopes before? when ajusting my 2.5 15 56 z6i bt left or right to zero it you can give it 2 or 3 clicks with no change of impact on the first shot after ajustment then when you fire another shot it has moved it seams that its the shock of the first shot that makes it move as if the ret was sticking.The scope is only 9 months old and has had very little use.

    yours Nigel

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    I had a similar problem and it turned out to be the ammo, I assume zero is set at 100Y, I was using supper performance 243 95g and it was all over the place, never repeatable, move to sake gamehead 100g spot on all the time.


    Obviously you are remembering the operation of the turret IN vs OUT...

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    my z6i BT was spot on all the time on 6.5x47 and .308 no fussing around as above ! are you home loading or factory ?

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    No experience of the Z6 but I have had it quite frequently in older swarovski models and now always give the turret and scope a tap. If I'm changing settings say between UK loads and something premium for abroad I'll fire a cheap FMJ into the earth before hand.

    You may find it only does it in one direction ie up but not down and left but not right. Reason for this on the older Swaros is that one direction pushes the reticle and the other requires opposing spring pressure on the reticle to take up the slack the change makes.

    In a standard scope it's not an issue - in a ballistic turret it presumably is (one of the reasons I don't like them)

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    Hi i home load and the load groups at under 1/4 MOA so its not the load and the rifle is a sauer 202 in 30/06.I thought swarovski were better than this im not that impressed as this is my first swarovski
    as i used s/b scopes for years with no problems.

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    hmm sounds like it got a problem scope i'll give you 200 £ for it ! , but give them a ring they will sort it out if there is a problem mty ,saying that I have moved to zeiss V8 but only as I treated myself for once and not due to my swaro's being as yours !. I used to use pm2's or 8x56 flash dots ,I had the BT and the BR both were very good in my case and only let me down if I cocked up , but as its been said try a box of ? factory see if it still do's go a wondering on you feller you may just be getting pissed off with it and getting fed up trying too hard to bug hole your shots? just a thought

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    Clamp the rifle into something like a workmate, align the crosshair on a distant feature
    such as a pylon. then carefully make adjustments whilst looking through scope.
    You should be able to watch every click moving the reticule.
    Variable mag tracking can be checked in the same way.
    Also very slight movement of the eyepiece can alter what you see on something
    a mile or two away, Or maybe i just using cheap scopes

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    ok guys its going back to swaro. i tryed the 10 click box shot at 100 yards and up/down is ok but left/right ended up about 40 mm off from were i started to shoot the square ie. shoot 1 than 10 clicks right shoot again then 10 down,10 left and finely 10 up using the same point of aim for every shot, if all is well you should end up in the same place were you started. i didnt.


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    Ask them to confirm what they find wrong with it.

    The enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.

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