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Thread: Please, no. Anyone but them.

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    What a load of ball clocks

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    21quid a pop to wear pink wellies!NO THANKS!

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    Could just be disruptive PR
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    Quote Originally Posted by I. Farticus View Post
    Could just be disruptive PR
    Here's hoping!

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    Used to go to cla and had done for more years that I can remember but I tipped it !lox as I just fed up looking at tat and garden swings ??

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    I can't fault their manifesto but we all know the difficulty many Organisations have with delivery. Whatever their preferred shade of welly.

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    This all sounds great:
    We believe that the core focus of a flagship event should return to it’s traditional roots – shooting, deer stalking, gundogs, fishing, airguns, country lifestyle, gamekeeping and estate management to name but a few – and should be affordable for those who live in the countryside, as well as attractive to those who aspire to a country way of life. But we also need to create a feeling of belonging and sense of community that the Game Fair seems to have lost in recent years.
    But it doesn't sound much like this:
    At Countryman Fairs, 2015 has been the most successful year in our history, largely by focussing on delivering to our visitors a balance of retail opportunities, high profile feature areas, quality family entertainment – and most importantly – creating a meeting place for country people.
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    Think their ideas & most of ours voiced on here not quite meaning the same thing

    Saying summit and doing it whilst yer eyes are looking at the purse are different things

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