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Thread: Cobra merlin setup

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    Cobra merlin setup

    I have a hawke varmint, a cobra merlin and an ir torch. I went out tonight but couldn't see ****. Can anyone give me advice on how to set this lot up?
    Regards Dan

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    Hi - this can be fiddly to start - but very simple once you get the hang of it.

    1. Focus the Merlin on the reticle of the scope. Get the sharpest image you can, forgetting the background image. You may need to tweak the dioptre setting as well as the main focus.
    2. Get the torch pointing in the right direction, so the image is much brighter.
    3. Using the side parallax on the scope, get focus on your image - I would recommend picking a high contrast one - like a tree line, as it's easier to pick up in the scope. Use small/low mag to start off with. When it's as good as it can be:
    4. Get the IR source bob on to the centre of your field of view
    5. Tweak the focus at higher mag if you need.
    6. Acquire targets....

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