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    hi,i,m changing my 7x50 slc swaro,s as i find them to heavy if i,m out for the long haul, iv,e been looking at some 8x30 slc,s, i like the feel of them alot lighter than my old ones but i,m wondering would they be up to the job in low light conditions. thanks the scudd

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    i used 8 x 30 slc's for a few years and loved them but they will fail before your scope (assuming you have a good scope). i use 8.5 x42's now which match the scopes performance. i wish i still had the 8 x 30's as a spare or summer pair, but they paid for most of the 8.5's so cant complain.

    i say keep both and when out with the 8 x 30's, use the scope as backup!!

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    Going from a x50 to a x30 objective will have a light gathering quality difference, albeit 15-20 mins or there abouts, either side of first/last light.

    I had a pair of Minox 8.5x42's (BR's I think was the model), I bought them as a spare set, reasonably compact compaired to my Swarovski EL's and they were good, and for less than half the RRP of Swarovski's. I sold mine on however once my 10x42 EL's were repaired.

    Hunters Cabin was selling some Minox at a reduced rate in the classifieds, might be worth a PM to him and see what he has.

    If I had Minox from the start, I don't think I would ever have changed, but I was quite attached to my EL's.

    The 10x42 EL's I have have good light gathering quality, I have infact compaired them to a set of 8x30, Offroad Gary had them, there was a noticable difference in the field.

    You always need to compramise something to gain on something else unfortunatley, but I would try your best to get hold as many pairs of binos in your price bracket and let your eyes do the talking, not the name. Swarovski are expencive, but you do get a very good warranty package with them also.

    Good luck

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    If you wait a few weeks Swarovski are bringing out a new version of the SLC called the SLC HD in 8x42 and 10x42 - I saw one set at Catton Park and they looked awesome

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    thanks for the replies, i am going to look at some minox on saturday but i sort of have my heart set on a pair of 8.5 x 43 el,s,if i can get a pair for under 1k.cheers

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    You won't be disappointed with the Swaro's.

    I have a pair of the 'old' 8.5x42 EL's. A French client a couple of weeks ago had a pair of the new Swarovision HD version ( They were very nice. Interestingly, we both tried looking through both pairs and the difference with the new HD's was marginal at best, even when with one eye you looked through the 'old' and with the other you looked through the 'HD's.

    I won't be trading my old pair in, but you might find someone else who is. Might be worth asking Macleod of Tain to keep their eyes open for a pair? I see they currently have a pair of Zeiss 8x42 Victory's for just under a grand - see


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    just to confuse things i had a look at a pair of 7x42 slc,very nice bino,s. now i know they won,t be as good in low light as my old 7x50 but would they make a ood 2nd choice or should i just try to scrape up the extra pennies and get the 8.5x42 el, what do you think. the scudd

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    The Swarovski 8x30 is a very good glass, I have had a set for 10yrs now with no problems, they are just back from a service and look brand new.

    I use them for everything from hill stalking to woodland stalking and for spotlighting, granted they wont have the light gathering of the 42's or 50's but are still perfectly useable.

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    I have identified a weak spot in the ancillary components of my Leica Geovids, the adjustable eyecups have an insert inside the rubber armouring, similar to the scope alignment inserts on optilocks, mine must have suffered a knock somewhere along the line in the last few outings, causing a crack to go across the rim of the insert, I noticed this because the eyecup concerned kept coming away from the lens with the rainguard rubber, it's taken a good repair using superglue.
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