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    i would like to welcome ghost to the site,its only taken him 12 months to get on here,mind you its taken 5 years to sort out text messaging .you will learn from some great members on here so enjoy and start posting mate.

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    Welcome Ghost.
    You come highly recommended. Enjoy the site mate.
    Regards Steve.F

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    where did you sneak in from ghost
    if tika has recommended you then you are in trouble
    enjoy the site and look forward to your postings

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    you know who your mates are ghost .i may have to phone him later to tell him how to turn this new fangled thing called a computer on .

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    Hi Ghost
    Andy has told me all about you mate I dont believe your as bad as he said you are
    Welcome to the site mate

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    Never met you Ghost, but if the other mob above reckon you are A1 that will do it for me.

    Welcome, look forward to meeting you and hearing from you in the near future.



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