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Thread: Custom Built Stalking Rifle

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    Custom Built Stalking Rifle

    Custom Built Stalking Rifle
    Richard ( Dick ) Garner ...
    Armorer to the Yorkshire Police Forces

    Ron Wharton Of Rigby IN 2008

    Cal .275 Rigby
    Mauser GEW 98 Action Spandau Germany
    Lowther Walther Barrel @ 21 inch Medium Stalking Profile
    London Proof House Stamped
    Fully Bedded on Acroglass
    Timney Trigger ( adjustable ) with side safety for trigger not the bolt
    Falling Floor plate, Release in Trigger Guard
    Leupold One Piece Mounts with wind adjustment
    Exhibition Grade Woodwork
    English Style Decelerator Recoil Pad
    Chequering = 32 Lines per inch
    Ebony Forend and Pistol Grip Cap
    LOP = 13.5 inch Made for me with stalking gear on
    Regulated for 140grn - 165 grn bullets, I think this relates to the barrel twist rate, in that it will accurately accommodate bullet weights in this range
    Quick Detachable Sling Swivels

    Zeiss Diavari 3-9 x 4 No. 4 reticule with box
    Zeiss scope cover
    Butler Creek Scope Covers

    Leather and Canvas Rifle Slip ( New ) like a Brady
    Leather Sling
    Redding Dies
    Redding Bullet Seating Die
    Bullet comparator
    Hornaday 139grn SST Bullets
    Nosler 140grn Solid Base Boat Tail Bullets
    Nosler 140grn Ballistic Tip Bullets
    100 ( approx. ) Fired Remington Cases
    50 New Remington Cases
    Dewy Cleaning Rod
    Dewy Bronze Brushes
    Dewy Nylon Brushes
    Dewy Mops

    This is a traditional stalking rifle made some 35yrs ago to my specifications, It`s not a long range Gong rifle, it was never intended to be, specifically made as my woodland rifle though I did use it with some success on the hill for a number of years with Bogtrotter off this site, Great Times!

    Accuracy, with 140grn sierra Game Kings it will shoot into less than half inch at 100yds and out to 200yds just a little more three quarters of an inch, and I`m not the best shot in the world

    For those that aren`t aware the .275 Rigby is the English equivalent of the Continental 7x57 they are exactly the same and all 7x57 ammo can be used perfectly safely in this rifle

    I`m looking to sell this as a whole package so unless a buyer wants the rifle only I`d like it all to stay together

    Attachment 61491 Attachment 61492 Attachment 61493 Attachment 61494 Attachment 61495

    To avoid any confusion this is NOT a Rigby .. It`s a custom built rifle in .. Cal .275 Rigby ******

    Any Interest please send me a pm or call me 07792635223 and I will try to answer any questions



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    Gorgeous rifle Bob - wish I had some spare cash!
    I never make the same mistake twice.

    I make it five or six times.

    Just to be sure.

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    I have shot this rifle and my first 3 shots were less than an inch at 100m (this certainly says more about the rifle than me!!!)
    The trigger breaks like glass and the action is as smooth as silk.
    The photo's really don't do the wood justice.

    It certainly feels, looks and shoots like more than a 3k rifle.

    I think you'll be sorry to see this go Bob.

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    That is a lovely piece of work. Best of luck with the sale.

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    what a beauty, pleasure to view the pics good luck selling, wish I had that kind of cash, ed

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    Thanks for your comments fellas, It is a beautiful piece of workmanship, and shoots extremely well

    Dave, Yes .. I will be sad to see it go


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    Letting it go after all this time that's a shame! don't tell me you are replacing it with a Blaser.

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    look a lovely piece of wood!

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