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Thread: Please tell me this is a joke...

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    I would hope it's not true.

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    It is in the Daily Fail, who are not always averse to adding or leaving out particulars to make a story "better". I wonder if the FAC holder is as pure as the driven snow here as is made out. He may well have reacted to the perceived threat of this individual or even over-reacted. Or not. Who knows? Hopefully the police have not taken away a significant part of this man's livelihood arbitrarily because of this, but that too is by no means beyond the realms of possibility.

    If that is the case, I suspect it will be seen as a victory by the antis and there may well be more....

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    Blenkinsop is a serious animal rights terrorist, having gone to prison back in 2002 for fire bomb attacks etc

    A VERY nasty piece of work; police are on his case, but haven't enough to lift him 'at the moment', despite him already having been with sabs on an estate shoot, and threatening others [allegedly etc etc]

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    That stinks, I'd be looking for some serious compensation I think.

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    If there is a shred of truth in this then the chap needs to get on to his MP. Since when has innocence been punished and threatening behaviour allowed.
    The police come across very badly - are they suggesting this guy might be shot by the AR activist or might shoot him? What nonsense. If his FAC has been suspended then its been done illegally and he is entitled to compensation. His local Police and Crime Commissioner should receive his thoughts, copied to his MP and David Cameron. I wonder if he's with BASC/ an other and what they are doing on his behalf.
    Equally you dont ask the names of who else is doing the cull without the intention to follow it up. I would be tempted to put the AR extremist in 'protective custody' rather than an innocent employee of DEFRA/contractor.

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    The police could apply for a restraining order on the soap dodger, then if he breaks it by interfering with the "Farm worker" they would be able to lock him straight up, especially with his previous.

    It appears to me that they have taken a cheaper and easier option by persecuting the FAC holder.
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    Just another wee erosion to us and legal gun ownership , I fear seriously legal gun ownership being gone in my lifetime .
    If this FAC holder is innocent , the organisations should be jumping on this instead of a precedence being set .


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    It sounds like his license to shoot badgers has been curtailed but he still has his FAC.
    It's the amounts being paid for shooting the badgers that is a joke.

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