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Thread: Remington versa max

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    Remington versa max

    I have acquired a Remington versa max shotgun it seems fantastic.trying to get chokes for it seems problematic.
    smk are a sack of excrement
    does any of you fellas on here have ideas?

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    Great choice mate. I love mine. What chokes are you after?

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    Would like to have a true cylinder so as able to fire slugs also a tighter choke it come with improved cylinder. Would like a couple of choices that's all

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    Chris potter guns sell briley chokes ,or if your interested I have a briley x2 extended 1\2 choke and the same in 3/4 ,both are steel shot rated in case your a wildfowler
    Cheers pm me if interested mate

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    Mcavoy guns told me to use 1/4 choke in my remi for slugs it worked fine

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