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Thread: .17 HMR Cleaning Rust

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    .17 HMR Cleaning Rust

    I've been putting a lot of rounds through my CZ 452 HMR recently its the style model with nickel barrel. I came to clean it yesterday and noticed when I removed the bolt the base of it has a light coat of rust and inside the breech action had a bit, I've never had this before having previously owned other HMRs from CZ or in any of my other rifles... Is this down to the HMR being such a dirty round, admittedly its been used a lot more than normal, but not in the rain or subject to moisture.. Has anyone got any adive or tips on the best cleaning method around the action..


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    Suspect it's the time of year - lot of moisture in the air, and possibly condensing on the action. I find the rounds dirty and this can collect moisture in itself. I would go for a light layer of grease (although this can attract dirt) - or perhaps move to one of the CLP type cleaning products (Froglube etc.) that give a protective layer. Or clean it more often......

    As an extreme, you could have the bolt/action Cerakoted in micro-slick..... guess the route I've taken ;-)
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