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Thread: Vw cars

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    Vw cars

    Question for any car salesperson members.
    I will be in the market soon for a new car, do you think there might be some good deals to be had soon on new VW cars ?

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    It's remarkable that VWs are generally so well thought of by their owners that sales figures might be less affected than might have been expected.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paul k View Post
    It's remarkable that VWs are generally so well thought of by their owners that sales figures might be less affected than might have been expected.


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    It seems the world is run by crooks. Banks , politics and major corporation's , where will the next scandal emerge its a good time for journalism.

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    the cars in front of you are ..........................................fakes

    not worth the price nowadays IMO: I always said they are over engineered and it has come to light that they are, so what else have the old Germans been up to.

    and all these are part of the VW group.

    VW, Porch, Ducati, Bentley, Audi, seat, Bugatti, Man, Scania, Lamborghini and last but not least Skoda,

    and some more to boot,

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    mark my words , all the manufactures are at it but only VW have been caught , so far!
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    I'm with you there if ones done it they all will have been at it just when it comes out.

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    Emission figures? Mileage figures? Think of a figure......and halve it!

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    who the hell believes any of the crap written in marketing material?

    top speed, miles per gallon, 0-60
    muzzle velocity of factory ammo
    MV achieved with x grains of x powder

    doesnt matter what it is or which industry it is all done under "special conditions"

    jaguar E-type
    the first 150mph road car.....

    yes it was, stripped out with no interior except one seat and tuned to within an inch of its life and run on a slightly downhill section of the M1!

    people still bought them when they found out!

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    Be interesting to see the fallout with regards to emissions vs car tax bandings - wonder if the manufacturers will pick up that tab?
    For Gods sake - don't tell her how much I've spent

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