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Thread: .204 Ruger DIY Case trimmer

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    .204 Ruger DIY Case trimmer

    I use Lee case trimmers for my .223 and .243 and was very surprised that they don't as yet make one for .204.

    Anyway a quick look through a reloadind manual showed that a 22/250 has similar length case so I purchased one and had the shaft turned down to the correct diameter all I need to do now is grind down to correct length and we are back in buisines.

    Special thanks to Paddy (SD member) who did the lathe work as I watched, super job.

    Just got to shoot some rounds now


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    You need to check it carefully, Lee do not make one as the inside diameter of the cutting blades (where case length shaft screws into) is around .200", Lee recommend not to use it with a neck size under .220" as you are cutting with the very inside edge of the blades and suggest the Quick Trim instead which has a 204 Ruger die body.
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    Well thanks for that, cannot understand why Lee dont make one to fit .17 and .20 calibre C/F. I will check that when i get to reload some cases.


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    Hi lee make the quick trim which fits in a press for 204, not the best in quality but certainly works a treat.

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    Little crow gun works make a dedicated 204 case trimmer,

    Works a treat,

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