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Thread: Minox v Vortex Binos

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    Minox v Vortex Binos

    Does anybody know what Model in the Vortex range of Binoculars would be the equivalent to a pair of Minox BV 8x42 ? Had a look through some Diamondbacks recently but have never looked through any other models in the Vortex range so its hard to make any kind of comparisons with the Minox.

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    I think the viper range of vortex are very hard to beat against most glass

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    Use the search function on here and you'll find man threads with the answers you want. One thread had a link to an independent review of a lot of binos with a very comprehensive comparison chart.

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    i think the diamondbacks are about the same,the vipers,i have 8x42,s are equivilent to middle/high end very good glass ,,

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    I looked through a pair of vortex talon 10x42 a short while ago and found them outstanding,clarity, crisp , sharp and very very clear , I have a pair of geovid and there was no difference at all , BUT is was during the day , you would want to look through them at low light and make up your own mind

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