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Thread: first muntjac and what a gent.

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    first muntjac and what a gent.

    Couple a weeks ago I exchanged pm's with bazil regarding muntjac.
    After a couple of phone conversations we agreed a date. So off for the five hour trip taking the longest routes along the A roads. I have only ever been past Manchester four times, once flying, once on a coach and on a train. I get nose bleeds the thought of it. I'm terrible wit sat navs and motorways are not my strongest. One hour into the journey I had already took two wrong turns. Which was stressing me out. Anyway met bazil at agreed place and time. I have never met Barry before. What a chap, gent and what a passion he has and shares for this sport. On route Barry gave me a debrief of events on what to expect. I have never culled or even seen muntjac so I was nervous and excited on all accounts.
    Pulled up wind, wind check. With approaching the wood as making our way to the high seat slots where seen to be pretty much everywhere where we were walking, fresh and old ones.
    one hundred yards in, I caught a flash of white from the tush of a muntjac. I was surprised at how fast, small and silent these little beauties move. Spooked another one a further 100 yards ahead.
    up in the high seat over looking rides it felt good and positive. Barry knows his ground in a very detailed fine art. Explaining details of rides making me aware of what and where to look. With 30 minutes of sitting patently Barry indicated one was there. I couldn't see it as I was looking 100 yards ahead. Finally clocked it for some reason I was watching it with my eyes feeling pleased that I seen my first munjac completely forgetting why I was there. With a quick whistle it stoppedshot taken, buck fever happend. Shot taken convinced I missed due to the reaction of the deer. Left it five minutes to check couldn't find any paint or pins couldn't find anything checked in the bushes where it went again couldn't find anything so put it down as a miss. Back up in the high seat. Within five minutes another one stepped out, this one wasn't hanging around. We both agreed it must have been the same one as it virtually came out where it had previously and went back under cover. Nothing else shown so we walked around the edges of the wood to see if anything was out enjoying the sun. Back to Barry's and was treated like a king, outstanding hospitality on every level was given to me. I was in total amazement from every effort to make me feel comfortable was done from Barry and his wife.
    Back out in the evening in the same seat. Waiting patently it was very quiet not much happening and a muntjac buck was barking. Listening to it bark and the light fading we spoke about trying to stalk towards the bark to see what should happen.
    It was suggested too maybe worth a look on the edges of the wood to see what is out there. As Barry got up I spotted one. Before you could say munjac deer the rifle was up and shot taken. Seen an excellent reaction and I knew the munjac was hit. I was surprised again how small these are as this was taken about 80 yards. Left it five minutes, couldn't here anything so went to look. Couldnt find anything them my heart was pounding as I new I had hit the deer and with the light fading my ass was twitching. We headed into the path it went slightly walked apart and I heard Barry laughing. At first I though why is he laughing then I heard you've got a buck then get over here to your buck. Handshakes around and admiring the munjac. I was totaly elated, seen my first muntjac and to get a buck was dream.
    back at Barry's was awaiting a superb home cooked venison goulash along with home made apple pie. By this time I was dropping after having two hours sleep in 38 hours, sat by the log burner I needed to go to bed. With a belly full of food, no sleep pleased as punch I was out like a light. Up again at 5am. Had a walk around another piece of land seen several roe but nothing was playing.
    i decided to go back via motorway. I hadn't got to Cambridge I had taken two wrongs turns and nearly caused a accident looking at the bloody satnav.
    I can honestly say Barry is a true gent, outstanding host, one hell of a pattionetly, knowledgable chap. Shared many ideas on walking sticks.

    Thanks mate once again, to yourself and wife for accommodating and feeding me.

    Ive taken red, roe, fallow, sika, boar, goats and now muntjac in this country what an amazing country it is having hese species. All is left for me now is cwd.

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    Quote Originally Posted by weeman View Post
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Nice one Martin, hope he is in the freezer
    Ps what part 9f the country did you shoot him?

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    Well done to both of you, s.d. at it's best again.

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    very nice write up martin,well done to you and barry ,,,,regards doug,
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    Good stuff gents, well done.
    All grades of deer stalkers/hunters in the UK and overseas catered for. Level 2 DMQ signing off available. Over 30 years experience in the stalking/hunting industry. For friendly and professional help go to


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    That a was a good write up to read it was almost a carbon copy of my first muntjac (and only one) to date. That to was courtesy of Baz. However he made me work a bit harder for mine lol.
    One thing I can honestly say is that Baz is one of the best, a true gent through and through and the hospitality provided by his good wife Ali is second to none, which anyone who has spent a few hours in their company would agree. (Even the cats weren't that bad lol).
    Congratulations to you all, well done.
    Hope to see you soon Baz & Ali
    ATB Wingy

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    Hiya Weeman you were more than welcome and as Wingy Said good write up and your both welcome round ours any time and also I like the idea of muntjac Wellington mate it looked a treat see you both soon baz&alli

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