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Thread: Had a nice Fallow spiker this morning

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    Had a nice Fallow spiker this morning

    Got this one first thing this morning
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    Think he's a bit more than a spiker ��


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    No it's only a little one compared to what I normally shoot so to me it is a spiker!

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    Not too sure about it being a spiker, it certainly makes your dog look small!
    Even so well done mate!

    Edit: Maybe you should you give your dog one of the kidneys to make it look a little happier, it looks a little "peed off" in the photo, almost as if you have just told it off for something! (Only joking!)
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    Nice one , I'm on the fallow in 2 weeks time,

    i cant wait,



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    I'd be over the moon at a multi-spiker like that! How old do you think it was?
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    I'd say it was probably about 3 maybe 4 they have been feeding on beans so really good healthy weight.

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    Fine looking beast alright , fair play to ya

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    Very nice buck starsky!! I'd agree with you, about 3 years old. A very good size for the age!

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    Nice one. Really like the looks of that dog. Is that breed obedient or are they independent like a typical hound?

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