LR Active U-Caller + Active external Speaker
55 + 5.00 P&P Shropshire
The retail price of this caller is about 70.00 & the external speaker is another 30.00.
Powered by four AA batteries in a compartment in the back.
Weighs 8 ounces. Inbuilt speaker is at the top of the unit. Belt clip on the back. A removable sound card fits in an aperture on the left, and once in place, it can be seen through the window in the front. Each card contains four separate recordings, which imitate animals in distress, calling for a mate, etc. The front of the unit has four squares printed on it, saying C1, C2, C3 and C4, and they relate to the sounds on the card. Noise level can be controlled by simply pressing the 'volume up' or 'volume down' pads. The sounds on the cards are very realistic, there are two cards, one has a dog fox, a vixen, a rabbit and a hare; the other has crow, magpie, teal and widgeon.
Press the ON/OFF button to turn it on, then the numbered pad relating to the sound you require. The untit comes with an Active Speaker which makes it very loud for calling long distance, i just plugs into the jack plug on the right hand side.

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