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Thread: New range opening in Gloucestershire

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    New range opening in Gloucestershire

    Hey guys. I've just heard that the new range facility from Gloucestershire Gun Company is open from now and I just got my invite for their official launch party over weekend of 12th and 13th June. Alastair tells me there will be a range of new guns to shoot, including the latest R8 from Blaser and the new .338 Lap Mag Barrett!! Give him a call for an invite as I'm sure he'd be happy to see you - 01285 740898. With a bit of luck I'll be there zeroing the new .338 Win Mag I've just ordered from him. If that's not in yet I'll probably take my .17 Ackley Hornet or the combi gun.

    The range sounds really good and I know a lot of work has gone into it. It will be great for shooters in this area too, we didn't really have a local range until this one opened! I've been looking forward to this since he mentioned it to me several months ago.

    Anyone who's dropping by stick a post on here. Maybe we could have a little forum meet up at the same time?

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    I had a message yesterday from Paul who owns the range & he's sending me all the details re opening times, prices etc & as soon I get these I'll post them up.

    I will try & get over for the opening day bash & as Neil says above Paul's hoping to have Blaser, Zeiss, Mauser plus others in attendance.


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    Here's the info on the Gloucester Rifle Range, If you want a copy of the flyer just PM me an e-mail address & I'll send you a pdf or WORD version.

    The Range is located near Kemble on private land and is built to National Rifle Association and Home Office approved specifications .
    The range will be run by qualified NRA Range Conducting Officers holding the latest HME* qualifications and will conduct shooters at all times.
    It is hoped the range facilities will extend to a clubhouse with catering facilities enabling larger events to take place.
    A limited number of accompanied stalking opportunities are also available.
    (* High Muzzle Energy)


    For some time it has been apparent that local facilities for the sporting rifle shooter have been limited with shooters relying on MOD ranges or similar. This situation has finally ended with a new 4 lane 100 Metre range cleared to 7000 J ME ( 5160 ft lbs ) with covered firing points, being made available to the public.

    Initially the range will operate for 28 days per year, this will amount to at least twice per month with private bookings available at other times. The 28 days will be available for club members who wish to use the range on a regular basis, for which purpose we intend to introduce an online booking system. Club members will also receive a discounted hourly rate for range use both on club days and outside club hours.

    Small parties and individuals will also be catered for with discounts available for group bookings and range hire.

    Individual and group training facilities are also available ranging from LANTRA rifle handling courses to BDS shooting test instruction and walkthroughs*.
    *Please enquire for details.


    07970 752275

    Membership & Prices
    Annual Membership - 200.00 (Including one-off joining fee of 15)
    This includes 2 free range sessions and a 10 retail voucher as well as further range sessions at 20 per hour weekends and 25 per hour weekdays.

    Non Members Prices
    Weekends - 30 per hour
    Weekdays - 35 per hour
    (Weekends will be restricted to 14 of the available 28.)

    Please contact us for group booking prices and details.


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    Life should be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving skidding in sideways, Merlot in one hand, Cigar in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming WOO HOO what a ride!

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    I picked up a info sheet at the open day a couple of weeks ago. Must say I was some what shocked by the charges, seem very steep to me cf other places. I showed it to a mate from Shropshire at the weekend and at Minsterly you get a day for 25.

    I would be intrested to see the place and view the set up but charges seem some what off putting.

    Also would be good to arrange meet up on the day.


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    in crown house in barry island south wales you get 200yds inside an old railway tunnel tea making and a tidy small shop 10 a day if your not a member limited to 3 times per year or full membership 180 a year open 3 times a week those charges are ridiculous imho

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    I wish Alastair well but I will continue to use Severnside in Rogiet at 10 all day as a non member.
    Bring your own bench though.

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    A tad disappointed with the prices, I'm afraid it will still be Short Siberia and 55 mile each way. However, a full day 100 and 200 yards for around 60, shared by four is still more than plenty of shooting.

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    Too pricey by far so its back on the road to Bisley. I can go back to 600 at bisley for 40 ish in the winter and 60 ish in the summer [whole day] with only 65 membership pa.

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    Good morning to all

    Having watched with some interest the feedback on the new range, I feel it only right to comment as the owner of the range.

    Firstly, many thanks to Chris and others for their comments and assistance. Some time ago, Alastair from the Glos Gun Company and myself identified a need for a range facility in the South West, this was borne out by many people who were fed up at having to travel long distances to other ranges, many of which were unsuitable. the construction of a range appeared at first glance to be a relatively simple affair, merely make a huge backstop and away you go - not so. To all who have branded the facility and prices as ridiculous, way over the top etc. I would like to address their minds to the basic costs, risks and overall running of a range such as this.

    The first task was to contact the NRA who suggested an RCO course would be a good idea (200), to all those who have attended one of these courses you will be perfectly aware that should anything go wrong on the range, the responsibility rests with the owner of the range, end of story, no excuses - a potential stay at her majesties pleasure. The only mitigating circumstances would be that you had made every possible attempt to avoid an accident - so a mound of earth wouldn't exactly cut the mustard!

    An infantry range designer was then contacted who visited the site to advise on the construction, this led to the same being engaged to design the range itself (2500). This design had to take into account every conceivable possibility for an accident and was thus designed to eliminate these risks as far as possible (going back to mitigating circumstances). Once the plans were drawn and the schedule of construction written up it was merely a simple matter of contacting a contractor to do the job. At this point I make no apologies for my attitude to those who think it expensive and 'way over the top' as the excavation and construction alone would leave no change from 25,000.00! and that is with all my favours called in. On top of this comes the additional costs of materials such as sleepers for the mantlet, sand for the bullet catcher, concrete plinth, shooting positions and there we have another 7000.00, incidentally the sand should ideally be changed twice a year, so thats 5000 a year in sand alone. Has anybody asked Bisley what their sand bill a year is? I doubt it, let me tell you, its 150,000.00 twice a year. Good job its an MOD range!

    Of course, when people attend they have to be supervised by an RCO, to all those who go to work, what do you get paid per hour? Should I work for nothing?

    I do not wish to get into a lengthy debate on the exact costs and whys and wherefores of the range. The costs were not plucked out of the air, market research was conducted and yes, there are cheaper facilities in the country but I very seriously doubt whether there are many that can provide the level of service we do; for instance, I had the range designed with sporting rifles in mind, how many private ranges are there where firearms upto 5160 Ft lbs can be used? We provide one to one tuition, spotting, zeroing assistance for no extra cost, speak to people who have seen and used the facilty.

    Whilst at present we are operating on a private booking basis, I have yet to have anybody go away unsatisfied with their time and not thought it good value, and in nearly every case their hour has been nearer to two for a very nominal charge. It can be noted from the details Chris very kindly posted that group bookings will attract a significant discount, obviously if I have to open the range up and spot/assist for one person at a particular time then I have to justify the cost. Incidentally, has anybody looked into the cost of shooting clays these days?

    To all those who have visited and enjoyed their time, I thank you and hope you can join us at our open weekend on 12/13th June, for anyone interested, we will have a 338 Lap.Mag available to try. It will be 5 a shot, which barely covers the cost of the round, a pound of which will go to Help For Heroes.

    To all those who zero on their own land and think it too expensive or would rather use another facility, try to consider the overall cost of building and running a custom designed facility and if it is still beyond your reach I apologise, I am yet to register as a charity. If I continue to receive the support of the majority, who knows what we may be able to achieve, a mini Bisley perhaps but without the restrictions and problems. Clearly we must be doing something right as Alastair and myself are getting upwards of 10 calls a day, resulting in 10-15 bookings a week, this is before we are officially opened.

    I look forward to seeing as many people over the open weekend as possible.



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    Paul -


    They have a choice.

    As in politics recently, in Greece and in Kirkaldy and Cowdenbeath to name but two places that surely should be twinned, there is huge sentiment in favour of something for nothing.

    Nonetheless, you will get customers willing to pay for your initiative, investment and effort.
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    KevinF -

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