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Thread: Sellier & bellot corrosion issues??

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    Sellier & bellot corrosion issues??

    Hello guys,

    Has anyone here heard of or had issues with S & B ammo an barrel corrosion?
    I started using them (140gr Nosler partition) and today found considerable corrosion about an inch down the barrel from crown end. Luckily a good clean got rid of most of it. I give the barrel one quick swipe with a patch after firing the rifle and mod is removed after stalk. Let me know what you think.


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    I shoot a lot of S&B about 50 at a time down the range and never noticed any rusting.

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    Powder residue from any brand of cartridge can and will attract moisture and this is the cause of the trouble. If you are putting the rifle away for more than a couple of days you should run a couple of patches through to remove such residue. If you don't use the rifle a lot work on the basis of a clean barrel - ie keep it well cleaned and allowing fowling to build up.

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