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Thread: Full custom .20 cals?

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    Full custom .20 cals?

    Is anyone shooting a full custom .20 cal? Interested to know components used, spec, performance , builder etc and any issues feeding etc?

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    Roedinator on here is, it is silly accurate drop him a pm

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    I've got a left hand 5/35SMC built for me by Steve Kershaw. A bit quick! - and feeds from standard magazine.

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    Not a full custom, but my 20 Tac built on a Sako 75 Action 1 built by Neil Mckillop feeds faultlessly from the magazine. Pac-Nor 1 in 11 barrel handles both 32 and 40 grain bullets really well. It gets more use than all my other rifles put together.

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    Well as you know,

    1. Tikka 595 20 tactical full stainless action and 22" barrel 1/11 twist, vapor blasted action, barrel and bolt, black synth stock and vapor blasted ase sl5 223 moderator. Not fully custome built by Neil mckillop, zeiss 4:5/14/44 scope shoots like a dream. And with less than 250 shots fired its just waiting on the side lines,

    2. A Steve Kershaw built sako s/491, 20 tactical with a full stainless barrel 20" 1/12 twist, blued action and custom bolt, ase cqb mod ceracoted black buy James at jäger Sa, also shoots silly out past what I need it to with the drone 5x10.

    Cracking rifles as they are so who needs a full custom rifle, and what is a fully custom rifle anyway ?

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    A full custom, in my mind, is a rifle built from individual components to a specification not available as a factory offering. Yours are simply re-barrels or customised factory rifles. More than adequate for most. Good luck with the sale of your tikka.

    im more intetested in the heavier/longer setup pushing the boundsries on accuracy and velocity.

    Ps, factory actions (again in my mind) can be used to build full custom rifles, but you need to at least change the stock, barrel and upgrade the trigger to qualify. Duracoat is neither here nor there.

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    I'm sure your pleased as punch with your rifles and how their built
    and so you should be
    A bit silly to ask what is a full custom ? And why would you want one
    anyway !!!!!
    you earn and spend your money how you please
    and the rest of us will do the same
    Regards Pete

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    now thinking a bout another 20 tac on a bat action
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1967spud View Post
    now thinking a bout another 20 tac on a bat action
    Now we're talking! What spec would you choose?

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    Mate of mine has just had a 5/35 SMc built, must get him up for a shoot to see how it performs!

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