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Thread: Transporting Ammo on a Plane

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    Transporting Ammo on a Plane

    Flying with BA next week with rifle and ammo. They say that ammo has to be in a secure case packed inside hold luggage. They say that secure means locked.

    Would something like this be OK or any other suggestions?



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    I would contact BA themselfs on this, even send an email with the pic if needed, just to clarify.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tartinjock
    I would contact BA themselfs on this, even send an email with the pic if needed, just to clarify.
    I have spoken to them and they just stipulate a lockable container, that was the first thing that sprung to mind.

    When pressed they just re read the script....

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    I personally have always carried my ammo in their original cartons in my hold luggage, (four times a year since 2000).Which is 'lockable' ie locked and strapped.
    I have only once, last November, had a problem, when it showed up on the X ray machine I had to remove it and hand it to the pilot to be carried! there were fourteen others on the same flight using the same method and I was the only one pulled.
    I went by the same carrier three weeks later and nothing was said.
    I have seen Cash boxes used to carry ammo, some sealed and sent separate to hold luggage, in other words handed in to customs with the rifle and I have seen some in cash boxes being tried to hand over to customs with the rifle and seen them be told to put it in their suitcases as hold luggage!!
    I would suggest you put it in the cash box and put it in your Hold Luggage, you will normally be asked how much ammo you have and as long as it is below 2kg, I think, you are OK. I always take three packs and have always been well below the entitlement.

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    Unless the regulations have changed it states that all ammo must be packed seperatly from the firearm (in your main baggage) and unless over 5kilo in weight it is perfectly ok in makers boxes. It is is over 5kilo it has to be in a locked metal box.

    I have flown with Firearms many times, and you will find that very few working at the airport know the proper procedures

    1. You should inform the airline you are travelling with that you are carrying sporting rifle and ammo. Make sure the airline carries firearms, Ryan Air has stopped, so to AA.

    2. Make sure the gun is in a locked hardcase bolt removed, and that you have your British FA Permit, and your European Firearms Permit if you are hunting in Europe.

    3. Make sure you allow at least 3 hours check in. On arrival Airport security should take you to customs, where the gun case is Xrayed, then onto a private customs room, where the case will be unlocked and they will check the rifle details against your FA cert. All well the security guy takes your FA and puts it on the flight.

    4. Coming back into the UK, you will need to go to oversize baggage, security should meet you there and take you to customs to check the same guns are coming back in.

    Thats briefly what should happen, but airlines and the people that work for them, well lets just say they are not all conversant with the handling of Sporting weapons.

    Good Luck.

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    Thanks for the excellent info guys.

    I hope my trip will go smoothly and it is only interal to the UK so that should make things a little easier.

    I think I may try and pick up a small peli case such as this one:

    Should be enough to hold 60 rounds well padded. If they cant deliver in time then the cash box with foam added will have to do.

    BA are categoric it has to be packed inside the hold luggage and looked again.

    I like the tip re putting mobile phone on the luggage labels, very good tip. The hard case for the rifle has two build in combinations locks plus 2 external padlocks, I have also added a trigger lock to the rifle to make sure it is safe.

    Just got to sort insurance out now!


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    I am only taking 60 rounds, that should be enough to see me through.

    Interesting point re metal vs plastic. I will see if I can get guidance from BA....

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    Hi sandersj89

    The guys have covered most of the points, but on my last trip to SA I flew with Swiss air and the ammo in a cash box was fine, it was at Joburg and the connecting flight to Durban with BA that things got a bit sticky,
    I was fortunate that I previously booked the meet and greet service for £70 that PHASA provide and they sorted it all out for me, They do the lot and it saves time and they put BA in order, they donít P*** about straight to the top and every thing was fine.

    Have a good trip


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