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Thread: More fishing, less fish

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    More fishing, less fish

    Well it has been a week, mostly, of sun and showers and the salmon haven't been playing much even if the view has been nice:

    I haven't been totally unsuccessful for salmon as I've had 2 for the week, while trout fishing, but the slight technical problem is that they were 3 inches long and many people might consider them parr :-) It wasn't a bad week for trout fishing and it is great to head out across the moor to some trout lochs.

    Most of the lochs I fished don't produce large trout, though there are a few secret sports that will produce real,wild 5lb+ trout, but they are great fighting wild fish and for me that is important - it is great getting wild fish in wild places where you actually have to make an effort to get to the fishing. Recently I had a visitor out to a remote loch who commented that he'd never walked to his fishing before and his normal spot has a car park and a play area for kids and a cafe and... He then asked me where the toilets were!

    Although the salmon fishing has been very bad indeed here this year, in part because of the weather and in part because of greatly reduced runs on some systems, there are still a lot of places where the angler can go for a fish and even when there is no water at all we have some great estuary fishing for salmon, sea trout and (maybe best of all) slob trout. Not only is this exciting fishing that is currently stuffed with fish but you can even get your car right to the pool so it is ideal for the less able or if you are just feeling lazy:

    One of the most well known rivers in the area, which as easy access to visitors, is the River Creed and during the week I took a walk up there to see if there were any fish around. The bottom part of the river was stuffed with fish and on some pools you could hardly count to 20 without seeing a fish showing. Now at this late stage of the year many of the fish are coloured but they are still in good condition and they fight well. I was also seeing some fresh fish and with the big tides over the next few days hopefully there will be a decent run of fresh late fish.

    For most of the week the sun, plus low water, was a big factor in the fishing but that didn't mean that there wasn't scope for some fantastic days out on the river when the fancy took me:

    On this bend in the river, overlooking a deep pool, someone has thoughtfully positioned a seat just for days like this when, to be honest, sitting is more productive than fishing:

    So, all told another great week of fishing in the Hebrides. The year is moving on and it will not be long now until the trout fishing is over and the salmon and sea trout, except for the estuary fishing, is starting to wind down. Since the end of July we simply haven't had enough water to make most places fishable in terms of salmon so I've turned my attentions elsewhere and fished for sea trout and brown trout which have done well for me. If we can get water I might try for a salmon over the next fortnight but at the minute the forecast doesn't look hopeful.
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    Some lovely pics there caorach, thanks.
    Well that's fishing (transpose "hunting") isn't it?
    Some days it's hot and some days it's not.
    Sambar stalking has just about finished for me here, getting too warm and the big snakes are now moving about. Time to walk the streams and rivers for the Rainbows and Browns. Don't see many snakes swimming about, and you don't need to fish into the wind.
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    I have been fortunate to have experienced the wild loch fishing on North Uist, Harris and Lewis (we stayed on Berneray - before the road connection) and your superb photos bring back very fond memories.

    Thank you for sharing.
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    Great photos,
    Wish I could have got back up for one more trip before the end of the season. Good luck and I will hope you get a couple of spates before the season is out.

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    Lovely photos, thank-you. In summary, the fishing was below parr...

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    Quote Originally Posted by DRN View Post
    Great photos,
    Wish I could have got back up for one more trip before the end of the season. Good luck and I will hope you get a couple of spates before the season is out.
    No sign of rain in the forecast so I don't think it is going to come so there will be no salmon for me off the Barvas this year as it usually closes up shop at the end of the month. On a positive note the sea trout are going well for me and I had 4 more today for about an hour of fishing, not so big as the previous ones but still 1.5lb or so to give a bit of fun. There are also a few places with some salmon but they are black and not looking at the fly much, you can catch one but it requires a lot of work for one fish when more fun can be had with the sea trout.

    If you are coming back let me know and I will point you at the secret sea trout locations :-) Not that they stay secret for long but finding them can be tricky!
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    That looks like heaven. I have only fished a few of the Scottish rivers and one day I hope to fish the hill lochs. Lovely photos.

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