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Thread: Tipped Bullet OAL discrepancies (TTSX .308)

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    Tipped Bullet OAL discrepancies (TTSX .308)

    I have been loading some Barnes 130GR TTSX BT in .308W and have been puzzling about the COAL.

    The cases are FL resized and trimmed to 2.005"

    The Barnes quoted COAL is 2.810"

    Max COAL to lands length measures as 2.925" with a 150GR TTSX

    Some questions...

    Because the bullet length varies by up to + 0.003" (due to the plastic tip seating depth not being consistent) I have assumed I am better off setting the Lee Seating Die to yield 2.810" on a short bullet and ignoring the eventual COAL of those with the extended tips...

    The 2.810" brings the 2.005" case mouth to just include the middle cannelure. If I use the Lee Factory Crimp die it will just foul on the lead-in to the cannelure and possibly alter the seating depth tiddlywink style. The depth will only alter by a couple of thou at most, so not a great problem.

    Should I adjust the crimp pressure to be sufficient to take the inner surface of the case mouth to the bottom of the cannelure or does one rely on the tapered form of the crimped case to bear on the shoulder of the cannelure 0.050" back from the case mouth?

    Or would it be better to...

    a) seat the bullet 0.030" deeper (COAL 2.780") and crimp on to the section between the cannelures or
    b) 0.50" (=COAL 2.860") further out and again crimp on to the full diameter section
    c) not bother about the crimp at all and just leave it at 2.810"?

    Any thoughts, advice or experience please?

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    No point measuring to ogive at end of the day. The barnes ttsx like a long jump so don't worry about the distance to lands crapola.
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    @ Paul 600 ...Thank you for the response. The measurement to the lands of my rifle chamber was given to show that there was plenty of the Barnes "Jump" in hand...unless I have misunderstood your remark?

    I suppose I answered most of my own queries about the the discrepancies in the bullet length of the thread title, and should have started a new thread just concentrating on the subtleties of using the Lee Factory Crimp die with these bullets.

    Simplified...should I crimp into the cannelure or not?


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    A variance in seating depth of .003" is fine. (and quite normal) Your gun won't know the difference. Stop worrying about it.~Muir

    PS: Sure, crimp the cannelure. I prefer not to but it won't hurt.

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    I was referring to measuring the length. Measuring to the ogive should take away any consistency issues with a polymer tip.

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    The most important thing is that they are seated to the same depth down into the case. 0.003 inch difference hanging out of the case with a long lede is an insignificant factor.

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    The bullets will measure different how ever you do it.try the difference between different lots.set your seater die to desired length.job done

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    dont worry about it , seat them about 50 tho off the lands and shoot and i wouldnt be surprised if they didnt shoot MOA or less!

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