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Thread: A 22rf Big Game Rifle

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    Doesn't look like any MAS I've owned! Nice work.~Muir

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    Do they do a double?

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    I really like that, wonder if it could be done with a common garden variety 22.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Well here is one I built a few years ago. Its an old Brno Model 2, restocked with a piece of Cherry Wood I had from a tree that fell over in the garden and had been lying around for ages. Bolt is somewhat modified with bolt handle filled and detent added so that the handle stays down on firing. Timny trigger added as well.
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    Heym SR20
    That Mauser looks fantastic !
    My first rifle was a 1930s Mauser .22, in pretty poor condition it must be said, 15 from Abergavenny gun auctions in about 1984 !
    I always said I'd get another and do a bespoke build on it, you've proved what a terrific job can be done and what a result! RESPECT.
    Absolutely love it !!!!!


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    Thanks Roger. I am quite pleased with it, but being left handed I really need to build a left handed one. But I can't quite bring myself to sell it on - if a good was wanting it I would swap to for a left handed CZ 452 and and good bit of walnut and build another.

    Click image for larger version. 

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