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Thread: or swap: Lanber 12g o/u

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    or swap: Lanber 12g o/u

    A used condition Lanber o/u 12g 28" barrels, single trigger, multi choke with spare chokes. Bought this for the wife to go clay shooting with me, she does not like it, need to get her a 28g. So looking for sale or part exchange for 28g Junior/youth shotgun or any other suggestions like a 20g Hatsan Arms Youth semi auto.

    This gun is in used condition, nice spare gun to use for friends family that you want to take on a day out clay shooting. Looking for circa 200, will post some pics tomorrow.

    weekend price drop 170 collected
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    Be interested in this but would like to see photos

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    i am interested in this, i shall pm you my email for pictures please.

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    Is it left or right handed? Top lever looks well over to the left on the pic?

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    right handed. The levers end up like that from use, hence the reason I mentioned "well-used". Other than that the shotgun is in fairly good condition for its age.... wood is not too bad with no splits of deep gouges, no bumps, dings or dents in the barrels, metal work is not too bad either. It is in used condition non the less, hence the price...

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    12-70 - 12G and 70mm - 2 3/4"
    1200 kp/cm2, 1550 gmos
    based on the markings on the 3 chokes they are:
    1 mark - Full choke
    2 marks - 3/4 choke
    3 marks - 1/2 choke

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    Is this still available?

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    lot of interest and questions, still for sale.....
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