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Thread: Williams peed sight aperture

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    Williams peed sight aperture

    I have a Williams target peep sight on my Winchester Model 94AE but the aperture is rather large, i.e I see a large circle through it. I would like a smaller aperture, but I am not sure what size. How can I find out which one I do have so I get a size or two smaller? On a side note (as I do not think it matters on the aperture choice), I am not sure whether my peep sights are the FP (aka foolproof) or the 5D. How do I find out? Any help on either of the questions is much appreciated!

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    The Foolproof is a nicer sight, easier to adjust. The FD has a thin set screw on the bridge so you can remove it and return it to zero, then just lock it down with the lock screw.

    Both of them take the same standard aperture, same as the Lyman.

    If you are not sure what you want, I recommend the Merit Sight Disc. Its opening adjusts like an old camera, so you can adjust the opening to the light situation, the front sight, and your eyes.

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    Thanks a lot for that. The Merit Sight Disc seems like my best bet, as I cannot see any markings on the aperture currently on the sights, so I do not know what I have...

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