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Thread: Forster Case Trimmer

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    Forster Case Trimmer

    Can't quite work out what happened, but I have just won a used Forster Case Trimmer on eBay US for about 22 quid plus 12 quid P&P. Sole bidder. I also won a little Forster chamfer tool.

    I realise I need to buy the relevant pilot and trimmer fittings for my 270 cases

    How should I make best use of my unexpected purchase?

    Perhaps this is one for Muir's guidance.?

    ...I have only used the Lee hand held trimmer and Lee chamfer tool.

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    Hello. Tim Hannam is the Forster importer and has a lot of stuff. Mine is all packed away but if you are ONLY going to process .270 WCF then the same collect case holder part will, of course, do any case based on the "parent" 7mm/8mm Mauser diameter of .473". The pilots are of course calibre specific. Case holders are numbered from 1-4. The pilot will for .270WCF be stamped with the figure 27, if stamped with the figure 28 it will be for 7mm not .270 WCF.

    To make the best use the thing needs to be screwed down to your reloading bench or screwed down onto a piece of wood that you can G-Clamp to your base OR IN ITSELF IS SUBSTANTIAL ENOUG NOT TO MOVE WHEN USED THE TRIMMER.

    You'll also need an Imperial size Allen key to insert and remove the trimmer pilot. The collet holder is held on by mere slot head screws. Be aware that Forster trimmers come in three case lengths. The very very short one is for pistol.

    Can you post a link to the eBay listing so that members can advise if it appears all complete. You bought the best trimmer set up that's sure. Sinclair is just hype despite what those on here that sell them will claim they are nowhere near as useful as the Forster.
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    Thanks for that, shipping not quite as cheap as I hoped, but I still think I have a reasonable deal. Ebay # is 311448955533

    I asked the seller to measure the base and it is 5 3/8 inches, which means it should be the "original" model I hope. I will bolt it down to nice piece of oak and use clamps, same principle as I will apply to my press.

    I looked on the Forster webpage and I am considering ordering the following parts, not sure if I need anymore?

    * Forster Trimmer Collet #1, CT 2001
    ​* Forster Trimmer Pilot #27, CT 1027
    * Forster Neck Reamer #277, NR1277
    * Forster Outside Neck Turner, OT1010

    Thanks for help.
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    I'm not sure why you would buy - Forster Neck Reamer #277, NR1277 ? Have you found the donuts already?

    Regards JCS

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    Is the reamer the least beneficial add on then JCS?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lambic View Post
    Is the reamer the least beneficial add on then JCS?
    When I started out, I bought lots of 'must have' accessories like this one and as you may have noticed, I'm having a determined effort to clear out my cupboard of these expensive and unused items. It's a bit embarrassing going into the cupboard to get something to post off and finding other items like these and wondering why on earth I bought them?

    Read and window shop as much as you can, but only buy what you really need. There are always folk about who will lend you kit to try and assess.



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    IMHO neither the inside reaer nor the outside neck turner are needed. I had an ouside neck turner for my Forster (these were cheap form 1980s when Otto K Weber used to exhibit at the Bisley Pistol AD Meeting) and in fact only ever used it once with some "iffy" used 6mm Remington brass I had acquired. Reality is for .270 WCF deer stalking loads you'll never need it. Save your money. Ditto the inside neck reamer unless you intend to size down .30-06 or other brass it just isn't needed.

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    Bugger, bit late now as ordered all the bits. Oh well, least I will learn a bit more - no harm in that.

    I'll just be almost F/L resizing Norma brass, so not thinking of doing anything too complex.

    Update: Cancelled the reamer, but will have a try at neck turning.
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