1999 148000 miles TD5 for sale in Dorset. Landmark, 7 seater model in Blenheim silver. It has no MOT but is too good to be classed as spares or repair.
Engine, gearbox and transmission all excellent. Chassis sound and waxoyled last year.
Rear air suspension converted to springs.

For MOT:
Minor bodywork welding to wheel arches and sills. (chassis sound).
Drop links need replacing both sides.
Radius arm bush needs replacing drivers side.
Dodgy headlight connection. (multipin connector needs cleaning or replacing)
One indicator lens fills with water.
Two tyres needed
Brake pads need replacing all round.
Passenger door mirror broken.
Warning lights from air suspension removal need to be disabled.

Been used off-road as shooting vehicle so usual minor marks and scratches but still scrubs up very well and looks smart.
Scuffed front bumper with small crack.
Leak in drivers side floor pan behind pedals. Needs plating.
Front sun roof doesn't open. (never has). Neither sunroof appears to be leaking though.

You probably think why don't I get it fixed and sell it with a new ticket? Well, I can't do the welding and bushes myself and no-one local seems to be interested. I want a 4X4 pickup instead of a car anyway and I've found one so I just need the Disco gone.

Excellent shooting vehicle for someone prepared to do some minor work. Drives lovely.