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    New Equipment

    Where do you buy your reloading gear from. I want to get a powder thower and press Lyman + tumbler.

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    you could order from Midwayuk on line.
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    Litts/sportsman gun centre in newport would probably the closest for you.


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    If you ever head Oxford way try Reloading Solutions. If you go from Swindon to Cirencester (A419) try Country Pursuits at Cricklade High Street.


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    Check out
    they sometimes have good deals there. Prices can end up being considerably better, even with postage on top.
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    Thanks for the replies I will look at there sites now..

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    Ask in the classifieds on this site, stuff seems to sell quick, and stuff gets asked for all the time, there are plenty of folk on here reloading, they will often have what you're after in surplus, accept for powder (Which you can't post) and expanding heads which will obviously need to be face to face/RFD to RFD.

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