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Thread: First one from the new seat...

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    First one from the new seat...

    It might have been the first but it was the forth one I have seen from my latest seat, a friend quite often takes my on some very good duck shooting so this was a thank you for that.
    After listening to some of his stories of his guided trips in the past which filled me full of dread, I took him last year on his first Fallow trip with him getting 4 in 2 days.

    I saw a small Muntjac doe the other week and let it pass, also we saw a Fallow doe and follower last time we went. I guessed there would be a buck in there some where but as I was only saying on the way to the farm a 300x15 yard ride is not so big in a 30 acre wood.

    With the nights drawing in quickly and as I had shot a doe on a farm close by last night around 6.20 we were in the seat by 6.

    They never stop moving or so it seems!! A few strides and it was nearly in over the other side of the ride....

    However he never quite got there...

    Very dark Buck and I noticed his tail was a bit battered!

    Think he is still smiling lol

    Too add from the gralloch there were a few acorns which I found in the oesophagus.

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