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Thread: need a favour, short length of antler.

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    need a favour, short length of antler.

    we were at the overland show over the weekend, my mates lad set his heart on a stag antler woggle,

    the lad was taken ill so had to go home with mum before geting one, and we forgot to go buy one,

    can anyome supply a few inches of say 30mm dia antler?

    I will happly pay for it, and postage.

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    I got some back at home but won't be there for a month or so.

    Is this for the Cubs/ Scouts? Are you OK with a length of antler and you will drill out to make a tube/woggle?

    I am sure some or the good people on SD can sort you out.
    Hope the lad is OK now.

    If you ain't had any help before then pm me your address and I will sort you out.


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    I think Im sorted now, many thanks.

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