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Thread: Yikes .... watch these rifles explode!

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    Yikes .... watch these rifles explode!

    So its official - some american actions are definately weaker than the European competition. Rifles shot deliberately with the barrels welded shut - Tika, Blaser, Sako etc pass with flying colours. Awful glad i don't own a Rem700 or Browning A-bolt!

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    Glad I don't own an American gun..........!!

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    Next time I feel the need to purchase a rifle with to use with its barrel welded shut I'll definitely make sure that I don't buy one "Made in USA". Thanks for the helpful warning.

    If, on the other hand, I can't be bothered with all that welding effort but still want the chance to possibly experience a spectacular barrel burst effect I'll just go and buy a Tikka.
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    Looks like the barrels failing rather than the actions...

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    Thanks for that I'll now make sure I NEVER weld my barrel shut on my A Bolt

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    it was a bullet rammed up the spout!

    and i've just ordered a remmy, i'll be banned from the R93 fan club for that!!

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    I know a guy with a mashed hand due to pulling the trigger after plugging his shotgun with mud. Sounds a really stupid thing to do, but easily done with a seconds inattention when wildfowling in muddy conditions.
    Not something i've ever done, but reasuring to see that 2 of my rifles have passed such an extreme test and that i don't own either of those rifles which litterally burst apart.

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    Ill be firing my ABolt one handed from now on


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    I watched the Howa very closely and I didn’t see the action stretch at all, oh and despite being one of the cheapest stayed together as well as anything else. You can see why you need to re-barrel a Remm’y as soon as you buy one.



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    Happy with my Tikka

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