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Thread: AICS DBM for Howa Long Action

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    AICS DBM for Howa Long Action

    Hey Guys,

    I've got a Howa in 30aught6 and the bottom plate magazine is not my thing

    I am searching for a bottom plate that will accept AICS magazines, but havent been able to find one in Germany or the UK.

    I do know that there are 2 made by CDI Precision and PTG in the USA but thanks to export regulations there are not available to me.

    So if anyone knows a fix, just write in the section below.



    P.S.: The Stock is a PSE Composite if that is of any relevance.

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    I have a CDI Precision baseplate for AI mags New and unused but unfortunately its for a short action.
    Looking at it, it is possable to elongate the slot for a long action mag if so inclined.
    Want to give it a go ?

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    Making a short into long is probably very tedious. Converting a Tikka or Remmy might be an option though.
    I have Remmy and T3 LA (300wm) AI magazine systems here and will have a look later. Only have a SA Howa to check with, I don't have a Howa LA rifle.
    One can fairly easily lengthen or shorten the tang areas and re-position the holes.

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    I imagine that converting a Bottom Plate SA to LA would be to much work as the holes would have to be redrilled and also new threads cut.
    I have thought about that to. I was thinking about a Remmy 700 LA Bottom metal because they seem to have some similarities (e.g. my recknagel picatinny rail is a rem 700 rail that fits the Howa perferctly)

    If you would be so kind to have a look edi? that would be very helpful :-)

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    I did have a quick look today, judging by side on comparison Howa SA, Rem SA and T3 LA rear section with trigger guard. T3 probably needs more work. Rem is the closer one between trigger guard and mag start. When looking at it and I have done a few of these conversion jobs before ... is it worth it??
    Maybe you find someone in the states who sticks one in the mail without mag,

    At the moment I do not have a rem LA mag system on stock but could post you a prototype T3 300WM AI mag system that didn't fit a T3 (if I find it as we just moved to new premises...) with a bit of welding and machining it would probably work.

    I once made a Rem AICS mag system fit a Mauser 1909, the alu used in the mag system was very good to weld and we could add a bit to the tang. Front had a separate action screw and mag box screw.
    In the case of the Mauser front or back action screw holes did not fit, more important the trigger guard and mag position was good.

    Slotted screw is the action screw, Alan head screw has a threaded insert in the stock.


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