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Thread: Lowa Boot Repairs.

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    Lowa Boot Repairs.

    Hiya, My Lowa Goretex boots have served me very well, and now need resoling...I'm sure someone told me of a place in Stirling that can do it, any idea?? I've looked online, and for the life of me, cannot find it. I don't want to have to package them up etc, I'd rather just take them in..

    Thanks in advance guys..

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    Walking Boot Repairs, Hiking Boot Repairs, Resoles and Refurbishment - LSR

    I used the guys above to replace the sole and rand on a pair of Lowa Mountain gtx boots earlier this year.

    First class job and reasonable turn around.



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    +1 for LSR

    Don't let the Lancs address put you off. My Mrs was in the outdoor clothing manufacturing trader down there and prior to everyone b#ggering off to China to make the stuff Lancs had a really good outdoor clothing industry, well the NW of England did, if I am being 100% accurate.


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