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Thread: How Many ?

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    How Many ?

    I was stalking at the weekend and was lucky enough to get a left and right at Muntjac . As I sat in the high seat I began to think of the multiple deer I had shot over the years , I have had 6 left and rights at Muntjac ,a few doubles on the Fallow and I once shot 6 red hinds out of a group .
    Any tales out there of when you were lucky enough to shoot more than one deer after your first shot ?

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    Left and right at Roe &Red a few times and a couple of triples on Roe and followers.

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    After a few doubles on fallow, I decided to think twice before going for the second shot when alone. The drags(s) aren't much fun...

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    Many doubles, a few three and fours, and a five,

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    A couple of left and right muntjac, and roe and muntjac combo a couple of months ago.

    I think what is more interesting is the lack of reaction to the shot sound by the deer, I have taken both with and without a moderator.

    One muntjac pair were stood together, I dropped the first one re-loaded and just waited hoping the second deer would re-appear as she had only walked off slowly into some bushes.
    No more than 2 or 3 minutes later she emerged and carried on eating right next to the shot deer.

    Obviously not as heavy as Mungo's fallow, but did begin to question the 'you can easily carry two muntjac in a roe sack' claim having trudged half a mile across plough back to the car

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    It seems whenever I shoot two, there is a steep hill for the drag, I must learn.

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    Pulling the trigger is the easy bit. Too true, after shoring deer (one or more) at a place that requires a long drag to the car...
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    Not quite doubles, but one morning on my 250acre farm bagged me 3 roe, one Munty and a fallow in under two hours...... Never bettered that in one outing!
    Had triples of fallow, doubles (actually 5 in one field once) of roe, and several double munties, and one very memorable double on stags when having shot the first beast I was just about to make the first cut of the gralloch when another even bigger stag charged straight for me....... Rifle was up in a very fluttery heartbeat, and the stag was down...... About 30 yards off me.....
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    A few doubles with roe, sika and fallow and a triple with sika and reds.

    Once had a line of sika jump out from a wood...a hind followed by 4 prickets....she went on and I dropped the 1st , 2nd and 3rd pricket...the fourth came haring towards me and ran under the high seat with me unable to get a clear shot!

    The exhilaration of the shots was soon replaced by the reality of the drag!!

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    Had 5 or 6 several times on one outing and always wondered if I'd better it. Then one sunny winter's afternoon I managed to foot stalk 9 muntjac and 2 roe does all in woodland! I doubt I'll ever beat that with the smaller species.

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