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Thread: Isle of Skye Images

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    Isle of Skye Images

    Just had a few days up in the Scottish Highlands again but ventured across to the Isle of Skye this time. These are all long exposure shots using a 10stop ND filter.


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    Very nice indeed!

    Its always fun doing long exposures as there's that slight unpredictability about it which is often lost with digital.

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    Brilliant stuff Gray.
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    Nice pictures. Was there myself week before last. Didn't manage to bump into any stags but it sure is an impressive scene.

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    Got the water flow just right Gray, excellent work.

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    That is amazing scenery and great photography. Well done.
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    Beautiful , well taken

    I,would have that on a wall in a man cave or room in house any day of the week.


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    Just listening to some really obscure chillout meditation music on the net, & happened across these pics, MMMMMMMNnn nice!
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